As Agency of Record for direct response TV company Capital Brands, for the past eight years Fifteen Minutes has developed and executed campaigns for products including the Magic Bullet, Baby Bullet, and most recently, the NutriBullet.  Based on the success of the company's product line, Fifteen Minutes' goal was to differentiate the NutriBullet from the Magic Bullet as the first-ever, single serve "nutrition extractor" and must-have countertop product for the health conscious.

Fifteen Minutes executed a multi-tiered PR initiative for NutriBullet that included: 

  • Extensive health and wellness media coverage with category impressions surpassing 1 billion.
  • Scores of entertainment media placements in print, TV and online. 
  • Numerous TV segments with celebrities interacting with the product or referencing it as their go-to nutrition gadget. 
  • Over 25 free, organic celebrity Tweets endorsing the product. 
  • In total, Fifteen Minutes has secured over 1.5 billion media impressions to date for the NutriBullet in outlets ranging from O, The Oprah Magazine, Reader's Digest, Shape, Men's Fitness, People, OK! Weekly, Los Angeles Times, E! News, Access Hollywood, Rachael Ray, CNN among many others. The product has become a health and wellness juggernaut with no end in sight.